Long live Vietnamese coffee


The first time I had Vietnamese coffee was in My Tho, the hometown of N. Before the trip, I was already a coffee junkie, requiring one cup of coffee with milk each day or else I’ll feel a headache coming up.

Before the trip, I’ve read about Vietnamese coffee. Butter roasted, dripped through a metal filter into condensed milk. I figured it would taste the same as the regular coffee in Malaysia or Singapore since we use condensed milk too.

I waited for the cup of coffee to finish filtering and stirred in my condensed milk.

I lifted the cup and took a zip, then frowned.

“They got my order wrong,” I told N. “They gave me hot chocolate.”

N took my cup, sniffed it and laughed, “It is coffee!”

What? This wonderfully chocolate-tasting brown liquid is actually coffee and not chocolate? (The coffee we have in Malaysia-Singapore has a bitter taste.)

I fell in love with the drink and could not do without one everyday while in Vietnam.

I tried making some with beans I got from Vietnam when I came back. But none of them tasted like the chocolate potion I had that day.


 This post is part of BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel project. Day 20: Drink

The rest of my posts for the project can be found here.

Prompt #20: DRINK

Just as the cuisine of a place reveals clues about its culture and history, so does its signature local drink. What’s the best drink you had on the road, and did the drink have any connection to the place where you drank it or the people you drank with?


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