Aug 15 continued

almost forgot to continue with the update. It’s been one month since I’ve met Toma. ha ha


had a dream where Toma was eating BBQ. LOL — Sept 15, 2008

will update text soon!

It’s Oct 19 and I realised I had not updated the text. Ha ha. Shall do it as I procrastinate.

After getting my adrenaline super high on Toma, we went to the second destination on our list: TV Asahi. On the way, we saw posters of MAOU and the red room where Ohno looks broodingly at Toma.


Being touristy is a privilege for idiots.


They don’t use cameras but their phone cams. High tech!


I’ll get you one day! (says Ohno’s character, not me though I do hope so. ha ha)

In the subway station, there was a poster of the very cute Miyazaki Aoi. She’s just so unmade-uply cute!



So we reached Roppongi’s station and off to TV Asahi’s place. It wasn’t too brilliant. There was a room dedicated to Doraemon.




Some posters of dramas which I have never heard of. yawn


Then  we went to the posh shopping place next to TV Asahi. And I saw my v first Anna Sui shop. And took a photo!




For lunch, we had ramen. It was on the guide book. We bought the tickets at the machine inside.



I had cabbage ramen. It’s for the health conscious office ladies. Good serving of veggies.


Some more walking. The big spider at Roppongi.



Then off we went to Fuji TV (again!) coz I didn’t get to visit the building last time. And MC and I planned to go to the hit spring place at Odaiba, we had bought a discounted voucher at Family Mart last night.

About the voucher, it was a few hundred off and you don’t need to pay and slow down your hot spring soaking. But we didn’t realise one v important thing. will tell later.

The rainbow bridge.


It was a Friday and it was the summer holiday AND there was some event. Just when we were thinking, where are all the poeple in TOkyo, we saw them gathered on this tiny island called Odaiba.




and more people


Fuji TV sucked! It was a lame long queue for stupid props. Perhaps it would be better when ppl are actually filming but there was none when we got there. Waste of time.








MC and I parted with PY and Day. We then scheduled to meet at AQUA City after MC and I soaked in onsen. Then all three of us will go to Tokyo Tower. Nicely planned out. So Mc and I went to queue for the shuttle bus.

Hmm.. quite a lot of people. But we managed to get seats.


Happy happy



But wait a minute! The queue just to get in to buy ticket is f–king long. So long we have to queue outside. Why didn’t we realise it was a day b4 weekend??!! And where will PY and Day have gone, we can’t possibly find them, even if we want! NOOOOOOOOOOO!


But still, MC and I decided to go back to AQUA city to look for them -> go to -> Tokyo towers then return for onsen. We bought the one day pass and hopped on to AQUA city. We decided that if we couldn’t find them at a certain time, we’ll leave for the towers.

Off to AQUA city. we asked the kind info counter to ask for our friends. THey did, but PY and Day didn’t come. Then MC went off to look for them. I stood anxiously in front of COACH, making the security a bit nervous.

Then, about 20 minutes later, MC came back with PY and Day! What luck! Yes, lady luck had always been with us on this short trip. We love her. 

We then rescheduled the remainder of the day. MC and I will come back around 8pm for onsen, coz ppl are probably a lot lesser then. PY brought Day to visit around while MC and I had dinner. bla bla bla

We made it to Tokyo Tower. It’s horrid in the day but better than Eiffel at night. Ha, not that I’ve seen the Eiffel at night.

Photo snap snap snap.


Off MC and I went to Odaiba. No queue. We picked yukata to wear. We didn’t know how to find our lockers. We didn’t wear our “inner clothes” to the hot spring room (of course we have our yukata on, you pervert!) But who cares! No one does, seriously!


They have a themed street of old Tokyo (the name comes from this too). The springs were good. My feet screamed in the salty Gold pool (from under the sea) but it was healing.

Tried out the outdoor pool when I got a bit faint.

In conclusion: no need to feel embarassed when you’re in a hot spring. Everyone else is naked anyway.

IT was great!




When we took the train back it was almost midnight. When we reached a JR station, it *was* midnight and the expiry of my JR pass. I bought a ticket back.

I still had last minute photo transfer and packing. Was thinking of buying a pineapple cocktail but might not be able to wake up the next morning.

I love Japan. I do.

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