last post from Japan

All trips have to end. My seven week in japan will end at Narita Airport.

I went back a bit earlier than 1am yesterday (today?). Packing was as tiring as usual and slept at 2am plus.

Woke at 5am for last preparations. Then off to JR station at 5*45am. Train came at 6.17am. Reached Shinjuku and went to the Narita Express platform.

Didn’t manage to book a ticket in advance so had to stand for the 90 minute trip, but the price was more than half of the 3110yen for sitting. My bag worked as a seat well anyway.

Very drowsy, but manage to get to the airport, had to show passport after leaving train station. Then went to 3rd floor and collected my huge suitcase. It was mailed to the airport before I left for Tokyo. (WHat a great service!!!) You can even send your golf clubs or skis to resorts.

Opened the suitcase and stuffed more stuff in. Luggage was 19.9kg, 100 grams away from overweight. Ha ha ha! Queen of packing messily has done it again.

I’ll miss Japan because of its convenience. They have everything i want and sushi’s really tasty too.

School’s starting next week for me. :D


PS I met Ikuta Toma yesterday. Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!! worth every cent of my S$980 airticket and my shinkansen pass to get to tokyo. will update it (when I have time)

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