July 12, Saturday Farming Field trip

 I just realised that I formatted my memory card without saving the photos into my computer. I am still in deep shock. OH… around 160 photos gone just like that. I will take this as a lesson and in the future will be very very careful.

How did it happen? I slot in the memory card into my comp, created a new folder to transfer the files. Renamed the folder and took out the memory card, thinking I’ve transfered, and format the card in one breath. OK… relax. At least other people have photos and I can get it from them. Sigh

Today was paddy field trip day. I reached the International Student Centre around 8:10am. I can’t believe Kyudai’s library only opens at 10am on weekends.

I sat with Tz on the way to the paddy field land. The bus ride was two hours plus. We stopped by a souvenir mall where they sell whale meat. Hmm… The thing is, they drew a really cartoon whale with anime eyes. Cute whale is telling us to eat it.

The bus passed mountains and seas before we finally got there. We were to work at the terraced fields. The scenery is green and lovely. Will not think of photos.

Turns out we weren’t there to plant rice. We were there to weed. Uncle farmers showed us how to do it. Weeds look a lot like paddy…

I brought my camera down and happily snapped away, without realising the tragedy that is to happen at night.

I tried weeding after I got bored with photo taking. The mud was squishy and there were lots of living stuff there: bugs, tadpoles, frogs etc.

Oh, I had applied lots and lots of SPF 50 sunblock before that and glad that it worked well. No sunburn. I detest sunburn.

After getting all muddy, we had barbeque. There was around seven small metal pits. The meat was good, I LOVE meat. But it was really sunny, so I armed myself with my cardigan and my hat. I must be the hottest person there. But I would rather faint from heat than get lasting sunburns.





Lots of meat and meat and meat. We thanked the farmers and got on the long journey back. We stopped at whale market on the way back too.

We reached school at around 6pm, everyone else went home and I too, though I had told okaasan that I would have dinner with my friends.

When I reached the station, I decided to visit BOOK OFF again. Lady luck *was* with me. They were having discounts: books that notmally sell at 105 yen each were at 200 yen for five. Only today and tomorrow.

I took an hour and a half to get the books that I want. I already know that I want to buy a series of six manga, because it’s a lot less than series with 20 books. The other four books took a longer time and in the end, I got these. Very cool.

Here are the post-format photos of my books:


From top left clockwise, Yamato na deshiko shichi henka. Botchan,  children’s version. xxxHolic (woo!) and Crayon Shinchan.


Walked back to the station and okaasan went to fetch me. Had ice cream, a long hot bath and formatted my memory card. ha ha

I still don’t get baths. It’s really just time wasted in water.

Will ask for ppl’s photo. ha ha ha

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