July 14, 2008 Monday Yukata Buying

(will update when i can :D

Another school day. I feel more relaxed going to school because I would not have to speak Japanese. But that defeats the purpose of coming to Japan. I’m confused.

In class, a classmate bought this Sprite Light with the slogan “Sexier than water”, I never knew that liquids can be sexy


Oh, today was the day before Yamakasa. And I bought along an overnight bag to stay in someone’s dorm. I had two huge bags with me wherever I went. My shoulders!

After class, SH and YT asked if I wanted to check out yukatas today. We were saying to buy tukatas last week but all sorts of stuff popped up that we didn’t have the chance. So off we went to Tenjin.

At the bus station, we saw a peaceful demonstration against hydro bombs (I think)


When we reached Tenjin, we realised that we don’t know the exact location of Choya, the shop which had a huge advert on cheap yukata. But with luck and YT’s sharp eyes, we found the sign for the shop.

But, when we got to the tiny lifts there, we saw that they had written: closed on Monday and (forgot what) day, Closed??!!! And we came on the day it’s closed?!! We were about to leave but I thought perhaps we just go up and see if it’s really closed.

When we went up, my heart dropped, in fornt of the lift was a door like things that looked closed. But good thing we stepped out of the lift and tried the automatic doors. It opened!! But is it opened to regular folks? Knowing Japan, it might only be open to it’s VIP customers.

But level 6 YT went in to ask and it was open! Hurrah!

The shop was full of traditional wear. The auntie saleslady showed us the section of 1,980 yen yukatas. Oh my god! 1,980 yen??!! Just like on the advertisement, and I thought they would all be sold out by now. Yes!

We took a long time choosing. YT who’s petite could try on a demo version which fitted well (thanks to the saleslady). In the end, I found a light blue yukata, I wanted a lighter color because it would look more summery. SH tanned, bought a light yellow. and YT bought a very nice dark with hydrangeas.

My yukata


The lady then said that for wearing a yukata, the two strings that she was showing was a must. But, on string costs around 550 yen, errr.. I can buy half a yukata with two of those. And if we were going to wear the yukata often, we should get a 1,900 set of assorted thingies. Er… We must have looked like cheapoes, but we do have a student budget to run on.

We asked the lady if she could show us how to wear it. She said, if there’s not many customers, they can… And our luck was there as there weren’t many customers. (Perhaps all of them walked away when they saw the “Closed on Monday” sign.)

Wearing a yukata is like folding and folding and folding. This is the unsuccessful first trial of my first yukata wearing. I look bloated.


As we were cheapos, we didn’t buy the silk belt thing the lady said is a must. It costs 1,100 yen for a pair. My yukata set is only less than 2,000 yen and you want me to buy 1,100 yen strings? No way.

We went to DAISO to get other stuff for out yukata. I bought a blue fan, a pouch for water bottles which can be faked as the yukata cute pouch, and shoelaces to substitute the silk belt. Yes, I’m that cheap. Ha ha

Then we went back to the dorm. I bought 100 yen rice balls from 7-11 and ate my 2 for 105 yen cup noodles for dinner.

Qianhui was kind to let me spend the night in her room. Thanks loads!! I went to PY’s room before bedtime for a chat with the other girls. They bought a huge bag of keropok. Inside, there’s smaller packs of it.


We were to wake up at 3:15am to walk to where the yamakasa will be held. I told PY to give me a wake up call.

But at 1:30am, a pervert called and was silent after moshi moshi. So we can imagine what he’s doing. Ew. Die you evil thing! But HL training has made me immune to such thing so there’s no trauma. Thanks for the concern

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