Friday, July 11

Another outdated entry. I finally can use the internet in school…

I rode the bicycle to the station today. It was cloudy and the weather was just right.

I arrived at school early, taking the shortcut I learnt on Monday. I can’t believe I walked such a HUGE around before that! Took some photos before class



Buildings outside the corridor window




Was sleepy in class.

Lunch, I ordered potatoes instead of the usual tofu. But the whole set cost 440 yen. I’ll get set meals instead next time.


I didn’t do my readings and the prof gave us a lot more. Oi! Isn’t this summer course??! Oh, I also keep forgetting it’s actually school and think I’m on holiday. Shall do readings in the weekend.

After class was extra lecture about paddy in Japan. Then I updated the blog and took the train back.

I rode on the bike to the nearest supermarket. There’s a beauty product shop next to it. I bought facial foam and a small bottle of sunblock.




I bought coffee milk at the supermarket. It was going to expire in six days so they were selling it at 58 yen.

It didn’t taste very nice because of the sweetness, but I gulped the whole thing down anyway.

Here’s the 105 yen sushi shop opposite DAISO.


Everyone’s surprised I got home early. I’ve misplaced the phone card and phone number so I didn’t call home.

A long walk of the dogs. The paddy fields there have all sorts of living things: super tiny frogs, bugs, spiders (abundant in Japan!!!), tadpoles, fishes, one crab, some prawns. Wow.

At night, we had teppanyaki at home. There was lots of meat and the long mushroom (forgot its name). and we also had soba. The sauce is very good, and the noodles were soaked in ice water. I never thought I would like cold noodles but it’s yummy!

Then TV, with MAOU at 10pm. I’ve slowly got used to Ikuta Toma’s unsmiling role. He’s so gorgeous in a suit. sigh.

A long bath. Bath is really really boring. I should get a rubber ducky.

Packed for tomorrow’s farming trip!

July 12, 12:11am (still 11pm at home!)

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