Tuesday, July 08

Okaasan drove me to school today. Turns out, she works for the capital index something something. Her job is to enter the prices of stuff into a bulky handheld machine and send it to the government’s something something department through her phone/ fax. I really have very little idea.

Today’s Japanese class’s teacher was humourous. Laughed a lot. Tried out my hat in class.


Was aiming for something ladyish, but my lower outfit doesn’t work out well.

At lunch time, I didn’t really know how the system works and I grabbed somethings onto my tray. The lady then said it was a set and forced me to get the soup.

It was 550 yen! In the end I had half a croquette and the raw veg left. I’ll choose little stuff next time.


Then History class. After that, I went to the post office near school to post my letter. The man there was very very polite and even said he would put the stamp on and mail it for me. But… I want to put the stamp on myself! >0< Oh, regular mail back to Malaysia is 90yen. Expensive

I walked back to the International Student centre for internet but the computers there were so so so slow that I was going to bang my head on the table. In the end, I went to the library for internet, then went to the reading area to study a bit and finish the grammar homework.

Along the way to the library






I’m very surprised that daisies here are weed. Oh, I wish we had daisies for weeds!

I left school around 5.40pm and reached my station at 6:20pm. I now use my camera as a watch– I point and shoot at random things and check the time it was taken. ha ha

I visited DAISO because it felt near. Good thing I looked for it from the station or else I would have walked a HUGE round to get there.


Pretty Tanabata decorations


I called back home (not Sabah… sadly) when I was done shopping. I walked really slowly and snapped more random pics


Tommy Lee Jones <BOSS> coffee -_-” check out the dustbin too


At the railyway crossing, okaasan and K was there with the dogs. I helped them walk.

Oh, okaasan suddenly asked me if I would like to go to Kumamoto or see lavendar fields.

I thought she was thinking of Hokkaido and I said, “NOO! Of course Kumamota’s good.” Then it was very awkward. Because yesterday, when I saw the lavendar plant, I said, “Ah, lavendar fields~ I would LOVE to see them.” Then okaasan was silent. I thought, SHIT! now she thinks she’s obliged to take me.

Random pics of plants and neighbourhood houses.




Those look more like they’re in America than Japan!




Oh, back to the lavendar fields. Turns out, there is a lavendar garden right here in Kyushu and it was in the papers. (Thanks ceiling cat) Okaasan asked if I want to change and it took me a long time of inner debate to reply, Lavendar please.

The tour includes 3 meals: breakfast: bread and juice, Lunch is pork and dinner is rice ball. ha ha. Then they have a all-you-can-eat blueberry feast (for 30 minutes). You bet I’ll eat ALL I CAN EAT!

The trip’s on July 27!! Will recharge my battery till it’s full and snap lots and lots of photos.

HAPPY Graduation to all who’s wore the square hat!

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