SUNDAY July 6, 2008

Another day has passed. A week has passed since I’ve been in Japan. It seems a lot longer, I wonder if that means something positive or negative.

This morning I woke at 8am. Ah, everyday I have to be ready at 8 (which is 7am back home) and it’s so good to sleep in. I took my homework down to the living room area because there’s 24 hours aircon there. The aircon is for the old lady dog.

Okaasan said she was going to 7-11 to post letters. I went as well and we bought ice cream back. When we got back, the son’s bicycle was gone. Turns out, he has ran away to his friend’s place because he doesn’t want to go for tuition.

I’m glad I have no little brother who’s in this phase.

Caramel ice cream


Pomelo sorbet


Green tea Kit Kat ^_^ didn”t get to try that


We had hot Japanese curry for lunch. Okaasan put too much rice on my plate and I couldn’t finish it. After lunch, we went to BOOK-OFF, a 2nd hand book store just nearby. There are other branches all around.

BOOK-OFF is not like the 2nd hand book stores in Bras Basah. It’s so clean, and all the books look really really new. You can get new looking comics at ony 105 yen, which is RM3.50!! The only downside is they’re all Japanese and I can’t ship all those I want back.




In the end, I chose The Little Prince, because it’s small and easy enough to understand.


When we got back, the son has came back but still didn’t want to have tuition.

Nevermind about that, I did my homework and finished my letter home. Then Chibi Maruko chan was on TV, it’s such a cute show.


Later, the tuition teacher came to the house. We had awkward conversations encourged by okaasan. hai hai

Then it was dog walking. I found out that vending machines have fake bottles on display. ha ha

Also, the street mirrors here are really tall. In SIngapore, I’m able to smile at my reflection, but here, even if I crane my neck, I can’t see the top of my head. so sad…


Oh, there was a scary caterpillar on a plant when we got back.


then later, it was dinner and more awkward conversations. Have to get used to those.

Oh, the Americans on TV here speak Japanese. ho ho ho! dubbed.


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