July 05, Saturday

I am so so sleepy. I think it’s the weather. It’s now officially summer and it’s very very warm, makes you want to switch on the aircon and snuggle in bed.

Japanese newspapers don’t have a lot of adverts inside. They are printed on another sheet of paper and folded with the newspaper. Here’s how big an advert (for an electronic store) usually is:


I was looking for the price of an electronic dictionary, mp3 and rechargeable batts.

In the morning, I went to nearby Jusco with okaasan. Felt a bit awkward shopping with her because I look at the weirdest stuff and don’t like buying clothes. I bought rechargable batteries at 1,980 yen. Perhaps I should buy extra batteries because I can use that charger when I’m back home too.


Simple design and the wrapper for the batts is white, instead of the normal shiny silver colour.

It wasn’t really Jusco where we went. It’s a big mall and their bread shop is lovely. The bread here all suit my taste. Yum Yum.




Oh, while we were at the mall and passing a phone shop. Okaasan told me that when they first bought K-kun a phone, he used around 700,000yen. That is F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G a lot. Now they took his phone away. AHH! How can you tell her that you would like her to help register a phone for you when she had such bad experience?

free tissue from phone shop


After shopping, we came home and tool K-kun to lunch. We had the famous Hakata ramen. It’s called tonkutsu ramen, which means pig’s bones ramen. The soup is a milky colour and those who don’t like it says it’s smelly.


We ate at Asahi ramen.



My bowl of tonkotsu ramen:


I liked it a lot, the soup reminds me of something I’ve had before. I was a bit disappointed that ramen’s noodles is just normal noodles. I like udon more than yellow thin noodles. But the ramen was good.

After lunch, we went to buy dog food at a supermarket. I love supermarkets, and this one has a whole HUGE row of skin care products.


Then we came back, everyone went for a nap while I watced the small TV at the dining table. Maybe I will put up the photo of the TV one day.

Then we went to the tea ceremony teacher’s place. While we were walking to the car, a little girl ran towards us teary face and said, “Mommy’s mad! The car’s gone!” Poor dear! Okaasan asked the little girl where she lived and they walked to her place.

Turns out, the little girl woke from her nap and found no one in the house so she ran out. She even said, “It’ll be dark soon.” It’s only 3pm and it gets dark only around 8. But she’s too cute!!

Oh before talking abuot how the tea ceremony class went, I want to tell you what I had imagined it would be like. I’ve read too many manga and watched too many dramas that I imagined we would be going to an old house and the teacher’s a young man (who’s good looking, by the way) who will inherit his father’s tea ceremony school. Ah, eye candy.

But in reality, the teacher is an old lady who has travelled to Indonesia, China and Mexico before. Oh, and she lives in a modern house with a room specially prepared for tea ceremony classes.what a disappointment.

I declined the teacher’s offer for a chair and sat kneeling. It was bad but not so bad that I screamed. So it was ok but I kept thinking, “are we done yet?? are we done yet??”

Oh, K-kun has been going to the classes for eight years. I must say, impressive! I don’t have to the patience for that long!

We came back tired, because of the weather and all that kneeling. Then I was in charge of Yume (you-meh, meaning dream) during the walk.


The cat sitting at the windows, watching us leave.


Then we went to dinner at Joy Fun, it was a western restaurant which also serves Japanese set meals. Interesting… I had some italian food. It was nice, but I don’t have much appetite for anything more.




Nearby, there was a temple-like building.


Then we came home and nothing much happened. Too lazy to study. :(


A few Qs answered:

–Why the cat comes in.
My door is a Japanese type sliding door and there’s no lock. sigh. The cat sleeps with the others so my room is probably one of the few places it has not been sleeping in.


–I do not pick dog poop. I may walk the dog but NO WAY I will pick up their poop. It’s just waaay too gross.


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