July 04

Written on July 05: Prescript
I have totally forgotten about my allergies to alcohol. Now I have rashes on my thighs because I drank too much. Last time I thought it was the weather that made me itchy. AAAAHHHH!!!

Watched a bit of <Maou> and don’t get it at all. The female lead character wears those black contacts that makes your pupil look bigger. In my opinion, if your eyes are not big enough for those, you look like a child.

An adult looking like a child is stupid-looking, in my opinion. It’s supposed to give you a look of innocence. But face it, you’re not going to be any innocent once you’re 20.

Took photos of flowers on the way to the station. Left the house at 8:30am, reached the school’s station at 9:10am. That’s quite fast.




Today’s Japanese class went ok. Just that I still don’t have confidence to talk. GAAHH. must must improve.

After that, was lunch. I had curry rice today. A bit strange, the rice is.

Will be going to a takoyaki party organized by Wawa’s tutor next Wednesday. My tutor’s going too and they invited Wawa and me. Wonder how a Japanese girls’ party is like. You’ll know next week.

Then it was history class. We watched a video on Lu Xun and Kita Ikkai (deshouka?). Now I must reach Lu Xun’s <Tale of A-Q> and <Madman’s Diary>. I visited his museum when I was in Shanghai. I was teary after walking out of the exhibiyion, he seems like such a great man.

After class, we went to the library. I updated my blog and sms-ed D and chatted a bit with N.


Afterwards was the Tanabata party. Tanabata is actually celebrated on July 7 (07-07). In Chinese myth, the Weaving Faries went down to earth for a bath in the lake. (Why earth’s lake?? Have no idea) A oxherd saw their clothes and hid one. When the fairies were leaving, the youngest (why always the youngest??! Stereotype!) couldn’t find her clothes so she couldn’t fly back.

The oxherd then told her that he has her clothes and she has to obey him. (So un-feminist) In the end she bore him two children and she did *fall in love* with him. But the Mother Goddess wasn’t pleased and took the fairy back.

Poor oxherd man didn’t have any free maid to wash his dirty laundry, make his meals and take care of his children so he went in search of her (bringing the children for extra effect). At last, he flew to the sky by wearing his dead (suddenly talking ox before shortly dying) ox’s skin like superman’s cape.

In the end, it’s a sad ending coz Ms Fairy and Mr Oxherd can only meet once a year when the birds make themselves into a convenient bridge for them.

(Alcohol’s effect still here. itchyyy)




In Japan, Tanabata is celebrated by partying and writing wishes on a piece of paper and hanging it on bamboo. My wish is to have ten more wishes, very practical, I must say.


Came back late and okaasan was so kind to drive to the station to meet me. arigatou

QUickly showered, watched some chim (deep) movie about cats and at 10:45 asked if I can watch Maou.

Ikuta Toma was so cheerful and cute in Hanakimi. I now notice he has bad teeth. The camera of the drama is unsteady too. Sigh. Shall always have his cheerful image in my mind.

Almost time for bed. Will be going to real tea ceremony tomorrow. Hope it goes well.

-shall drink less


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