Dog walking

I help walk one of the dogs when I’m at home during dog walking time. I think of it as exercise and it’s not too bad then.

On Sunday I walked Meri, the old dog, but on weekdays, the mom walks Meri and I walk Beni– a mongrel who likes to pee. (This is normal, as learnt from LSM Animal Behaviour but, sigh!!)

Me and the kid take the longer road while host mom trots with Meri on the shorter road.

The thing is, I have absolutely NOTHING to say to the kid. It seems really rude, and I should be making an effort but I can’t think of much.

Oh, the only time we do talk is when Beni poops. I would say, “AH!” and point to pooping dog. And that’s about all.

Well, he does play Maple Story, perhaps I can get him to talk about his virtual character. hmm…

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