#FoodFri Banmian from Kota Kinabalu

When people ask me what food I miss most from home. I can rarely give an answer. Saying “Seafood” is too easy. Who doesn’t love cheap seafood? So instead of a real answer, I will show you one of my favorite dishes from home. This noodle dish is called “ban mian” which roughly translates as “plank noodles”. I think the “ban” or “plank” signifies how … Continue reading #FoodFri Banmian from Kota Kinabalu

Rumah terbalik (Upside down house) at Telibon, Sabah

My sister brought me and my friend to the upside down house (Rumah Terbalik) when I was back home for the weekend. Sabah has lots of gorgeous natural tourist attractions so it was very funny to find this man-made attraction that’s trying a bit too hard to be popular. The location of the attraction is very far from the city center. Even with our own … Continue reading Rumah terbalik (Upside down house) at Telibon, Sabah