Museum and church-seeing in Santa Ana [YQrtw Day 121 Aug 9]

Location: Santa Ana, El Salvador

Just now, before quiet time at the hostel, I spent 3 hours reading in a hammock. This is really the life but it is coming to an end. In nine day’s time I will be back home. I’ll not dwell on that now and enjoy myself for the time being.

This morning, I made breakfast in the overly amazing hostel kitchen. I boiled some eggs and tried out the orange juicer. Unfortunately, the juicer was spoiled and I had to manually squeeze 5 oranges.

Hostal Casa Verde orange juicer

After my meal, it was time to fulfil my contract as a tourist. I memorized the directions to the town’s cathedral and went off on my way.

When I reached the historical square, I saw a white tent and a film crew. The roads were blocked with yellow tape and I worried that I was not able to enter the cathedral.

Santa Ana Cathedral
Santa Ana Cathedral

There were also people dressed in new-looking traditional clothing hanging around the square. Perhaps they will be on film too.

The man at the tourist information center gave me a map and reassured me that I would be able to enter the cathedral despite the film crew.

Santa Ana Cathedral
Santa Ana Cathedral

From outside, the church is quite impressive. However, the inside is rather dull compared to its exterior. The columns were painted a mix of gray and pink. There were dolls of saints by the wall but these dolls weren’t dressed as lavishly as others I’ve seen.

I skipped the theatre because I didn’t know if visitors are allowed to go in. I did chance upon the Regional Museum of Occident which had a curious mix of taxidermy animals, photos of orchids, types of money used in El Salvador and paintings.

Museo Regional de Occidente
Museo Regional de Occidente

After the museum, I was ready for lunch. Since I still have half a roast chicken in the fridge, I walked back to the hostel.

On the way back, I was harassed again. This time by three middle aged men in a car. I heard, “Chinese! Chinese!” “How tasty.” (Seriously dude!)

I gave them the fist when I walked past. They even drove the car to taunt me more. I yelled at them in Chinese. The car stopped at the lights and I delayed my walk because I might throw stones into their car if they make racist comments again.

It’s very strange that they are able to tell that I’m Chinese when I’m wearing my huge sunglasses. How can they tell that I am Asian? From my skintone? Is it really that different from the locals?

Anyway, I enjoyed my lunch of cold leftover chicken and did a few future blog posts. I also took a swim in the little pool before heading out again for some afternoon tea at a famous bakery.

Lazing in the hammock

Back from the bakery, I went to the hammock in front of my room and started reading. I got up from time to time for some apples and a drink but I spent a total of 3 hours in that swinging cloth.

I love hammocks!

Here are a few photos of Santa Ana

Crumbling building in Santa Ana
Crumbling building in Santa Ana
Colonial building in Santa Ana
Colonial building in Santa Ana

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