#FoodFri The original Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Singapore

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a famous chain for traditional toast and coffee in Singapore.

The food and drink there is alright but there are other places where you can get a cheaper deal.

One day D told me about the Ya Kun Kaya Toast branch at China Square. It’s supposed to be really retro (even more retro than the fake-retro which they have in other branches).

Another selling point for the China Square branch is that it’s run by the descendants of Ya Kun the man himself! OK, I’m sold.

The shop is rather difficult to find because China Square is in the middle of the CBD. Google Map’s not really that helpful because the buildings are too tall.

It was raining when we went in search of Ya Kun Kaya Toast. We managed to find it in the end without getting soaked.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast side door China Square branch

Ya Kun Kaya Toast China Square branch deco

Ya Kun Kaya Toast China Square branch deco

OK, the shop was quaint but only because we’re in Singapore.

The floors looked like they were scratched from chairs and tables.

The kitchen was sort of an open kitchen concept.

We ordered the usual Kaya Toast set which comes with two pieces of toast, coffee and two soft boiled eggs.

Kaya toast set: eggs, coffee and toast

Mistaken for tourists

When we arrived, I was busy taking photos of the place. I even swirled on my stool to take a panorama shot of Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

When our food arrived, the lady who served us brought the soy sauce and pepper shakers to us. She ordered us to put the condiments onto the eggs and eat.

I think this is the first time I’m mistaken for a tourist in Singapore. I’ve been here 7 year already, lady!

We ate our food in peace. (Almost, we were instructed how to eat again.)

Later, I saw that the shop was selling petit cups as souvenirs. I took photos of them.

Then the lady swooped down with the TOURIST SET.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast tourist set

She looked at us expectantly before leaving us. I took a photo of the set before it was too late.

Have you been to the China Square branch of Ya Kun?

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