Fun at Genting Theme Park at night

Carousel at night
Carousel at night

Do you know that Genting Theme Park’s outdoor facilities close at 10pm on certain days? (Saturday, Malaysia School Holiday* & Eve of Public Holiday to be precise.)

I was staying at the First World Hotel next to the Outdoor Theme Park and took advantage of the late closing hour.

At around 7.30pm, my sister, L and I went back to the theme park after eating our instant noodles.

Genting that night was cold and foggy. Not all of the facilities were open.

L wanted to have a go on the Go Kart but the queue was closed off. It might have been a good thing because by the time the queue ended, it was too foggy to drive on the little motor-powered vehicle.

Instead, my sister and I went on the Corkscrew ride twice in a row. With the sky gray and foggy, it was less scary.

We tumbled around the tracks in the safety of our harness. Throughout the ride, I was shouting incomprehensible things such as “Maaaaaa! Maaaaaaaaa!”

Our next stop of the pirate ship.  When we were queuing, a boy was in front of us. We plotted to sit at the very end, even if the boy was going to sit there.

However, when the time came, the boy stood his ground and said: “This row is for family.”

Fine! You assertive little boy!

We sat at the second last row. When the ride ended, we waited for them to leave before going to the last row.

Bumper boats go bump!
Bumper boats go bump!

We also went on the bumper boats. I couldn’t steer my ship and ended up floating around.

It was very foggy when we were paddling around. I could only see hazy lights coming from the spotlight. Even the final alarm ring sounded far away.

We ended up on more kiddie rides. At the swing ride that spins, the operator made the ride longer and faster. We sat on it twice until we felt dizzy and slightly nauseous.

The children spaceship rides were mild and quite good for photo opportunities.

Travelling on a spaceship at Genting Theme Park
Travelling on a spaceship at Genting Theme Park

This photo reminds me of Flight of the Conchord’s David Bowie.

Advantages of visiting Genting Theme Park at night

  • There is no queue at all the rides.
  • The weather is less sunny (duh!) which is good if you don’t like sunblock.
  • There is not much people with you on rides. It means you can scream and shout.
  • You can go for second rounds right after your first.

Disdvantages of visiting Genting Theme Park at night

  • Most rides are closed when it gets too foggy.
  • It’s very very cold.
  • Closing hour is near.

As you can see, the advantages of being at Genting Theme Park at night outweighs the disadvantages. What are you waiting for? Go!

Have you been at an amusement park at night? How was it?

2 thoughts on “Fun at Genting Theme Park at night

  1. Hi yq. I want to visit Danga Bay & can u advise what is the best bus route to take?
    From JB (ciq) I can take several buses (1B/5B/7B etc) to reach Danga Bay. How long is the bus journey? On the rtn trip, where can catch the bus from?
    If I take the cross border svc TS1, I’ll be arrv at Kotaraya 2 terminal. From here, how do I get to danga bay? & then back to S’ pore?
    Hurry hurry. Many thanks.

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