Visited: Cabbages & Condoms, Bangkok, Thailand

It’s Friday again. TGIF! And Fridays are special days here as it’s #FoodFri, a day when I share a food-related post with you. Today, we will visit Cabbages & Condoms in Thailand.

Tell me, how can you not visit a restaurant with a name like “Cabbages & Condoms” especially when its tagline is “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy”. That is hilarious.

Before you go around thinking this is a kinky place where people eat salad after some naughty exercises, let me explain the name. Cabbages & Condoms the restaurant is run by the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) which helps with family planning. Someone who’s involved in PDA and C&Cwanted condoms to be as ubiquitous as cabbages, therefore the name.

When I found out that Cabbages & Condoms is really near Tune Hotel, I added it into my itinerary even though guide books warned that the food is mediocre for its price.

After checking in Tune Hotel on my first day in Bangkok, I walked to Soi 12 where the restaurant is located.

It’s hidden inside the alley, after one suspicious “club” and a posh-looking massage center.

30m to Cabbages & Condoms
30m to Cabbages & Condoms

Welcome to Cabbages & Condoms
Welcome to Cabbages & Condoms

After walking on the shady path, I came across a souvenir shop but didn’t go in.

Condoms, condoms everywhere

The place used condoms (not to be confused with condoms that were used) for decoration.

Exhibit A: Condom lampshade

Condom lampshade
Condom lampshade

Exhibit B: Condom fashion

Condom fashion
Condom fashion

Exhibit C: Condom clothes

Condom “clothes”

‘Romantic’ lighting

Being Southeast Asia, I chose to lunch inside the airconditioned restaurant instead of hanging out at the alfresco area with the sun shining on me.

The interior is a bit dark. The walls were decorated with condoms from other countries.

Interior deco of Cabbages & Condoms
Interior deco

My table was next to a wall with less racy deco.

“Cabbages & Condoms” is trademarked in Japan

There were a few news paper clipping in Japanese about the restaurant and a certificate of trademark.

While waiting for the food

I ordered a Tom Kah Kai and a coffee. While waiting for my drink and food, I found out that they have a recipe on the table mat. I wonder how many people actually copy it down to make a dish.

Recipe table mat from Cabbages & Condoms
Recipe table mat

I also discovered that the utensils were branded with the name of the restaurant.

Plate with restaurant's name from Cabbages & Condoms
Plate with restaurant’s name

Coffee from Cabbages & Condoms
Coffee glass

Recipe table mat from Cabbages & Condoms
Recipe table mat

I listened in to a table nearby of businessmen who were discussing companies in the networking industry. I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t hear any trade secrets which I could have used as scoops.

My chicken in coconut milk soup

My soup and rice came after a while. The coconut milk curdled in my sourish soup.

Coconut milk soup chicken from Cabbages & Condoms
Coconut milk soup chicken

It was a large serving which was probably meant to be share among a table of friends. Instead, all of the soup and rice went into my stomach, making me really bloated but also help me stave off hunger for the rest of the day.

The food wasn’t the best thing I’ve tasted on earth and was just “meh”. There wasn’t enough salt and felt like drinking lemongrass soup with hints of coconut.

The unsaltiness made my tongue confused. Was this supposed to be dessert or a main meal?

At the end of the meal, I asked for the bill. As expected, instead of a mint, there was a condom with my bill. I not-so-secretly slipped it into my bag before paying up.

Condom from Cabbages & Condoms
This came with my bill

At the exit, the restaurant cheekily had two separate boxes for condoms: Republican size and Democrat size. I peeped in and found out that they were the same size.

Condoms from Cabbages & Condoms
Sorry, We have no mints.

Review: Cabbages & Condoms, Bangkok, Thailand
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 12
Food: So so taste
Price: $$
Pro: Fun theme and for a good cause
Cons: So so food than regular Thai places

Have you eaten at Cabbages & Condoms?

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