Trials and tribulation of a TV reporter

I’ve been assigned to group with a bunch of Taiwanese journalists. Lucky me, I speak good Mandarin and they are a bunch of great people.

Today, we were sent off on a tour of San Francisco with a Taiwanese tour guide. The 60-year-old-looking tour guide was from Taiwan and has guided some famous Chinese government official.

He was supposed to bring us to Stanford then to San Francisco. However, when he drove past Apple’s HQ, the whole van of tech journalists begged him to let us go down to take a peek.

part of Cupertino

Caught red-handed at Apple Campus

The TV reporter decided that she need to take a short reel of the campus for work. The cameraman who came along was setting up the videos and suddenly (really, within one minute) a patrol car stopped next to him.

Apple security

The security started asking questions: who, what, when, where, why, how. They took down notes, talked on walkie-talkie.

Later, two other patrol cars came. The lady reporter had to explain for about 20 mintues before they let her off. She then took a few time to film her piece.

One Infinite Loop

HQ building

To be honest, I expected Apple’s HQ to be a lot more futuristic. Heck, even Oracle has an amazing building.

The address however is damn cool. “1 Infinite Loop”. Wow!

One Infinite Loop

I take my hat off to the lady reporter because she has to come up with her lines on the spot. Plan her walking routes, put on makeup, talk to the camera and all that ASAP!

PS The only reason this piece is on my “travel” blog is because I’m travelling. See you guys later this Sunday!

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