Second day at sea: ‘You can’t go to Egypt.[YQrtw Day 13 Apr 20]

Location: Legend of the Sea [Day 2]

On the second day of cruising, an officer from the ship called my room as I was preparing to go to the sauna. She told me that I do not have an Egyptian visa which means I cannot go to Egypt.

Here is the entry I wrote after I heard the news:

I just signed a letter of wavier, saying that I will not go on shore Egypt because I do not have a visa for the country.

I tried to brush it off, saying to myself: “I didn’t really want to go anyway.” Then I sat down on my tiny couch and tears came out of my eyes. I think I really do want to go to Egypt.

I can only blame myself. My first research showed that I need a visa but another Google search brought me to the Consulate of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the UK website which said:

Malaysian nationals
Malaysian nationals can stay in Egypt for up to two weeks without a visa. If their stay exceeds two weeks, the usual requirements apply.

Then a document from a Malaysian website said the same that Malaysians do not need a visa and can visit for only 2 weeks.

I really want to go to Egypt. sob.

[A few days later, I was glad to find out that I was right and was able to visit Egypt.]

I put the Egypt visa issue at the back of my head later in the day. I decided that if I cannot go to Egypt, I might as well enjoy myself fully on the ship.

Before the Egypt incident, I had breakfast at the restaurant and met a nice elder couple who I will into multiple times and even share a private tour group later in the future.

There was Italian class on board as well along with print out notes. Do you think greetings alone is enough for me to glide through Italy?

I took a nap and found out later that there were dolphins which followed the ship for a while. I missed watching dolphins!! What a tragedy.

At night, the ship had some “aerial performance” and meet-the-captain session.

Legend of the Seas
Legend of the Seas

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