Stay: Ipoh Tune Hotel review

I’ve only stayed at Tune Hotel once before the Ipoh Tune Hotel stay. It was in Kelantan and the twin bed room wasn’t too bad. My parents who have stayed at Tune Hotel KLIA-LCCT complained that their room was too tiny they can’t even open their luggage.

Tune Hotel Ipoh opened in March 2012. They had a sale in mid-January and I snatched up two RM39 double-bed rooms.

Similar to AirAsia’s tickets, the bare price only includes the minimum “comforts”, so I had to pay an extra RM15 to buy a package of 12-hour air conditioning, rental towel and “free essentials toiletries kit”. All together, it was RM61.14 for the room, with service charge.

The hotel is in the “new town” side of the river. The location is not too bad as it’s within walking distance to a lot of the famous eateries nearby.

Enter the room

The size of the room seems like a typical Tune Hotel bedroom with enough walking space. Since I only have a backpack, space wasn’t a problem neither.

The bed is lovely. The mattress just firm enough and the pillows not too fluffy. I slept very well in the bed, it felt like I reached deep sleep level as soon as my head hits the pillow.


Same as the Kota Bahru Tune Hotel, the shower is very good. Hot and cold water are both available. The hairdryer also comes free here, I remember it was chargeable for TH KLIA-LCCT.


There are hangers around which is very useful for people who wash their clothes at night when travelling or just to hang stuff.

Same as TH Kota Bahru, you’ll need to slot in your card. The panel also controls the number of hours of airconditioning used.

Being me, I lost my room card and had to pay RM10 for a replacement. Bummer.

Add-ons to consider

I bought the 12-hour airconditioning, towel and soap kit. It’s more of a deal buying this kit than getting the aircon and towel + soap kit separately.

fan and aircon

They have a fan that comes along with the basic room package but the room can get quite stuff without the airconditioning.

They also have Wi-Fi, TV package but those weren’t too useful since I have my 3G phone and a laptop of movies.

Fair customer service

I’ve always thought that a hotel is just a place to put my head one and that the staff there are just a hygiene factor which doesn’t give positive satisfaction but will give dissatisfaction results from its absence.

Turns out, that’s not true. The lady at the counter there made my trip a lot better. She helped arrange a taxi to Kellie’s Castle. She was also sympathetic when I lost my room card.

In contrast, her male colleagues weren’t that helpful. When I asked to put our luggage before checkin time, they hemmed and hawed. When picking up our luggage, one of the guys demanded the slip and didn’t believe us that we weren’t given one.

Morning market on Sunday

On the day we left, there was a Sunday market beside the hotel. The wares on sell seem to be second hand and there wasn’t much food so it was a bit of a disappointment.

The umbrellas look super cute from above.


While there might be other cheaper full-service hotels around, I’d recommend going to Tune Hotel because it’s new. I’ve been to quite a lot of mouldy Malaysian hotels and their showers are usually not as good as Tune Hotel’s.

There is parking space in the basement of the building for those who drive. But take note that there’s a Sunday market around the building.

Book your Tune Hotel room at the Website: They have promos from time to time so be sure to look out for those.

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