#FoodFri My first Spanish order

cafe con leche y pasta

Feb 19, 2011 12 noon @Barcelona

One of the best things about travelling is the memories. Today, I would like you to meet my first Spanish order–cafe con leche y pasta.

After seeing the sign outside, I went up the cafe counter, said: “Cafe con leche y pasta.” The employee spoke a long string of Spanish. I looked at her stupidly before blurting out, “No habla espanol.”

She pointed me to the pastry display. I picked the sugar powdered pastry. It was yums.

One thought on “#FoodFri My first Spanish order

  1. Locals love it when foreigners speak their language, I always try to speak some basic phrases too ;) Now, if I had a foreigner speak to me in singlish.. mmhhhmmm….

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