July 30 Dazaifu zazen trip

*it’s been a week since I’ve updated the blog. so looong. so lazy*

Woke up at 6am because slept at 11pm last night. French toast for breakfast with vitagen flavoured yogurt.

There was no language class today as we’re having our Japanese culture trip in the afternoon. There was pop culture class though, but it starts at 10.30am. Went to the school lib to update my blog and to bid for modules.

Today’s pop culture class is our mid-term exam. THe prof said he only gives A’s or B’s, so it didn’t mattered how well you write (according to me, anyway).

We watched a short film called <Yasashisa no kuni>. Sypnosis:

I wrote something really crappy. I’m a bit worried for my last year in university if my writing is this terrible.

FInished early and went for lunch. Had soba instead of udon for lunch. I conclude that udon is tastier as noodles for a soup dish.


After lunch, everyone waited at the international student centre for the culture trip. We talked about howw our host families are very eager hosts and sometimes read a bit too much from what we say.

For M, she accidentally said, “Oh, my friend went to a waterfall.” And she realised they were looking over maps and saying, “waterfall… waterfall…” Oh no!

My example would be when I said, “How I wish to see a field of lavendar.” after seeing some lavendar plant while walking the dogs. I expect okaasan to say, “That would be lovely.” but  okaasan went silent for the rest of the journey. Is she thinking abuot Hokkaido??! I didn’t mean that seriously!!! IN the end she found a day trip to a lavendar field. Thanks!

Be careful of what you say!

Then around 1pm, we went on our bus and off to Dazaifu.

HY had this cool thing to use as tripod, one end goes to your camera, the other to be screwed onto a bottle


A quick history of Dazaifu. It used to be the centre of government for the Kyushu region during the Nara and Heian period. Around year 1000, if I’m not wrong. And as it’s closest to Korea and mainland China, people travel to and from Kyushu to the Asian continent through somewhere there.

ON the bus, HY showed her tripod. The metal is screwed to your camera while the rubber yellow part is fitted over those regular bottle caps. And then you’ll have a water bottle tripod. Super cool!

We reached Dazaifu after about 40 minutes. Our meditation was in an really old temple. Back in the old days, this was one of the three places to go if you want to be “certified” as a monk.

#will continue once I’m in the mood, for the time being, will post only photos



Some very old wooden statues




YT and I half ran to the Kyushu National Museum because we only have less than two hours before it closes. We showed our Kyudai student card and explained that we were foreigners taking classes in Kyudai. The lady at the counter called someone, and I thought she was going to charge us the normal 420 yen, instead of the high school and uni student 130 yen. Oh my money.

But it turns out, we were given free entrance to the museum. And the audio guide thingy was lent free of charge too. I heart Kyushu National Museum.



My current favourite way of taking photos: reflection
















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