The irony!!

I will be leaving for Japan on the 28th of June. My plane will arrive in Fukuoka at 8:40pm. That’s not related to my topic though!

My current eye candy Ikuta Toma will be starring in a drama called Maou. So exciting! The title is even related to this blog’s antagonist – Daimaou. And! Toma is from Hokkaido, the land of lavender fields in summer. Sounds like fate telling me to watch the drama. (My imagination is too much, I admit.)

The show starts in July. But it’s on Friday at 10pm. No way will any sane host family allow their (whatever I’m supposed to be called) hog the TV at 10pm.

And it’s so stupid to download it when I can see it on TV. *sob* will I get to watch it only when I’m back in Singapore?

Is Daimaou working his curse on me again?!

even though I’m complaining a lot. I cannot wait to get there. Who cares abuot 4 dogs and two meows!

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