Youthful Youth is Ambitious

I’ve borrowed new books from the library and it featured lavender fields in Furano, Hokkaido. My dream is to roll in a field of lavender, but mom says people will think I’m insane.

Should I visit Hokkaido? It’s so high up north. Even the Shinkansen takes 7 hours from Tokyo. And from Fukuoka to Tokyo, it’s a 5-hour ride. I don’t mind sitting till my butt is flat , because!!!! I’m so youthful!

Still, Youthful needs to consder her budget. Does she want a nice detailed visit of Kyoto or a rushed roll in the lavender fields.

Youthful hopes everyone will be watching the Olympics, and not travel, even though it’s the summer vacation. She will keepall her fingers crossed.

I’m a bit worried about my fashion sense. Plus, having no make up on is impolite in Japan. And having hairy legs (which I do!) will cause old ladies to faint.


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