Places I want to visit in Japan: Kyoto Studio Park

Yeah, another topic for me to blab about. I’ll be listing places I want to visit, add links about the place and stuff like that.

First up is “Kyoto Studio Park”.  It’s like Universal Studio Park, only it’s of Japanese period films. COOL!! My camera batts will be drained here!

I know it’s fake but I love this sort of stuff. >o</ very excited.

I’ll definitely skip the “dress up as geisha/princess/period-drama-character”. Why spend money putting on clothes for only two hours?

And, sometimes there’s actual filming going on! I wonder if I’ll see my favourite Jdrama stars. ^_^ No way Atsuhime is going to be filmed there, but fingers crossed for Tamaki Hiroshi ;)

A map of the place

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