What will I be doing in Japan

I met with some old pals from high school for a chat tonight. They asked, “What will you actually be doing in Japan?”

I couldn’t give them a straight forward reply and said, “AH! I’ve never really thought about that. At first I’m thinking of going there to have fun, but . . .” Then conticos asked in a comment the same question.

Oh… I have to make up my mind what I want to do there to get the most out of all that money.

OK, first a small intro about the programme I’m joining. It’s a summer programme called Asia in Today’s World, organised by Kyushu University. It’s a six week program where we have Japanese language classes and other humanities classes. We also have field trips to Hiroshima (where the atomic bomb was dropped), some farm (to plant rice?) and a Japanese culture experience thingy.

And for accommodation, they let us choose between: home stay, dorm and apartment. I really want to get home stay because (duh!) I’ll be able to see how the Japanese live. Dorm’s also OK because you’ll have a dorm mother and I’ll meet other students too. Apartment is so blah.

So, fo now, my aim is to have enough Japanese be able to backpack in Japan. I’m now revising my <Minna no Nihongo>, bought the textbook at a second hand shop for $12, 1/5 of a new book. :D

But if I’m only aiming for backpack-travel-Japanese, I might as well read my books until they crumble. So until then, I’ll think of some really fancy goal I want to achieve.

Stay tuned!

*booked ticket: leaving Singapore on June 28 and leaving Tokyo on Aug 16.
will start visa application documents as have help from the very nice K sisters.

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