#FoodFri Glutton at Tsukiji, Tokyo

Tokyo’s Tsukiji is the famous fish market. Some guidebooks recommend visiting early in the morning at around 5 a.m. to catch the tuna auction. Being the lazy glutton, I didn’t wake up that early. I did visit Tsukiji, but only for the sushi which was slightly disappointing. As I didn’t want to walk around with an open guidebook, I roamed the outer stalls of Tsukiji … Continue reading #FoodFri Glutton at Tsukiji, Tokyo

#FoodFri Glutton in Kamakura + Tokyo

In case you don’t know. I love Japanese food very very much. During my short work trip to Japan, I had a few days to roam around eating. Instead of flooding everyone with too many yummy food, I’m splitting the meals into different days. For today, we’re having meals from Day 1: Lunch at Kamakura and Dinner in Tokyo. Day 1 Zaru soba at Kamakura … Continue reading #FoodFri Glutton in Kamakura + Tokyo

#FoodFri California rolls are undeniable

Who says my #FoodFri has to be about good food? Not everything I put in my mouth taste yummy–especially that mouthful of detergent I once accidentally sipped. So today, I shall show you one of the most disgusting meals I had in the US. Hmm… I think it’s the *only* disgusting meal I had. I knew I needed to eat sushi in San Francisco but … Continue reading #FoodFri California rolls are undeniable