Kindness for the strangest thing, part 2

I was at the train station at Fontainebleau, taking pictures of the public toilet like the curious tourist I am. A man used his pass to let me in for free. It was awkward when I came out later and saw him in other parts of the station. Haha This post is part of BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel Project: Day 5: Kindness. Continue reading Kindness for the strangest thing, part 2

Gift of Fear, travel edition

Blog title taken from the title of a book that everyone should read: The Gift of Fear. Travelling as a single woman takes guts. Despite putting on a brave front telling people about my solo travels, I have to admit here that I feel panicky before every single trip. “What if something bad happens??!” Worst case scenarios run through my head: my body floating in the Seine, … Continue reading Gift of Fear, travel edition

Accidental, musical Nantes

Before my trip to Paris, I was looking on the Web to see if Mozart l’Opera Rock was on while I was there. Unfortunately, the Paris shows were far from the dates I would visit the City of Lights. A bit of background about the musical: I accidentally discovered the musical while on Youtube. The music video for L’Assasymphonie had all the mysteries of the … Continue reading Accidental, musical Nantes