Accidental, musical Nantes

Before my trip to Paris, I was looking on the Web to see if Mozart l’Opera Rock was on while I was there. Unfortunately, the Paris shows were far from the dates I would visit the City of Lights.

A bit of background about the musical: I accidentally discovered the musical while on Youtube. The music video for L’Assasymphonie had all the mysteries of the sexy French. “Why does the bearded man look so tortured?!” I became obsessed about finding out more about the play.

Turns out, it’s a about Mozart’s life. I watched all the videos I could online and tried to memorize the lyrics.

Imagine my disappointment when I found out that the show would not be in Paris!

I looked through the list again and found that the nearest location that the show would play was in Nantes.

Before that, I never heard of the town. I googled and found out that it was about 2 hours on TGV from the capital. After thinking about it for somedays, I decided to spend two days of my already short week in France in Nantes, just for the musical.

I did not regret it.


The break away from the capital allowed me to see more of beautiful France, not just piss-scented Paris. On the TGV, I sped past field with rolls of hay and grazing fluffy sheeps. It made my heart swell with happiness.

The musical itself was lovely. My very first musical. (I’ve always wanted to see a musical live, a especially after I found out about Le Roi Soleil.)



Unlike Paris, Nantes was laid back. I was quite surprised to see people not dressing very fashionable (ie T-shirt and shorts) to a musical. (I thought everyone wore mink to such a show).

In Nantes, I also visited the beautiful Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, previous home to Anne de Bretagne.


During my last few hours, I even illegally rode on the tramway as no one seemed to be checking tickets. ;)

This post is part of’s 30 Days of Indie Travel project. Day 3: Music


The rest of my posts for the project can be found here.


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