FoodFriday: Ghee dosa

Even though I grew up in multicultural Malaysia where Malay, Chinese and Indian are the three biggest races, I am terribly unfamiliar with Indian food. It’s because we don’t have as much Indians where I live.

To tell you the truth, the only Indian dish I can order confidently is plain roti canai (which is yummy and flaky).

So when my friend Debbie introduced me to the wonderful world of Indian food, I was curious. And now, I am proud to say that I have a favorite Indian dish: ghee dosa.

I first tried it in Melaka and I love how it is crispy and fragrant. It’s so good that I could not talk while eating (not that I talk that much when I eat).

Ghee dosa
Ghee dosa at the bottom
Ghee dosa
Ghee dosa in Singapore

This thin pancake is fragrant from the ghee and so crispy. I could eat the whole thing plain but you’re supposed to dip it in the sauce.

Next time you are at an Indian eatery, try to order the ghee dosa and not swallow your tongue,

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