Glutton in Chile: Chilean fast food

Welcome to YQtravelling’s FoodFriday. The day of the week when I show off some of the lovely eats I had while travelling.

Today we’re still in Chile and we’re checking out fast food.

Last week I showed some of the highlights of food in Chile that I ate. In the next few editions of FoodFriday, I’ll bring you different sorts of Chilean food–the fast ones.

I try to avoid international fast food chains when I travel because they probably taste the same as back home. While in Chile, I avoided international fast food chains and visited local ones instead.

Hot dog with avocado

Doggis's avocado hot dog
Doggis’s avocado hot dog

First up on the menu is a hot dog with avocado from Doggis. The fast food outlet has such a bad brand name, I’m reminded of dog food when I see its name.

At the particular food court that I was at, I had the choice of Doggis, fried chicken or pizza. I chose Doggis even though I love fried chicken and pizza because I love to torture myself.

The hot dog with avocado sounded and looked good:

Not the 'dog on the left
Not the ‘dog on the left

But when my slow order was finally processed, my hotdog looked nothing like the picture. Instead, there was a tired lump of green mash and not even visible bits of red tomato.

The avocado/vegetable taste didn’t make the hotdog any better. I actually prefer IKEA’s hot dog to this.

Chinese food = fast food

Quick-cook Chinese food
Quick-cook Chinese food

Again at a food court, I was dazzled by familiar fast food chains. I deliberately avoided the Chinese fast food chain because it didn’t look appetizing.

In the end, I picked a roast chicken stal because its offer seemed to be the best value.

I had a serving of half a tiny chicken, fries (South America adore fries) and flavored rice. Plus, a glass of soft drink.

The meal tasted alright although the fries were quite soggy.

A meal at Schopdog

Not exactly a fast food chain since Schopdog describes itself as a franchise restaurant. Even though it was a sit-in restaurant, the food were cooked in hurried batches so I consider this as fast food as well. Plus, the name is still rather unfortunate.

I was in Arica for two nights. On the first night, I walked down some deserted blocks to reach the busy shopping stretch. All the restaurants looked geared to tourists so I chose to eat at Schopdog.

Due to my weak Spanish comprehension, I chose something with papa fritas (French fries, not someone’s fried dad).

Beef and fries
Beef and fries

The meat was a bit overcooked and I was chocking on fries by the time I was done. It made an OK meal for this frugal backpacker with a wheeled luggage.

What is your favorite fast food when travelling? Share your meals in the comments below.

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