With love from Singapore + postcard giveaway

Hello everybody, it’s YQ writing from Singapore. Yes, I am back in the land I am most familiar with. Yes, I’m more familiar with Singapore than my hometown Kota Kinabalu.

It’s been more than a week since I came back and I am now in full job hunting mode. I’ll update you guys on my job search if I have any happy news. Oh, if you know anyone in Singapore hiring writers, do drop me a mail at hello@yqtravelling.com.

I am actually very glad to be back in Singapore, for five reasons:

  1. Hawker centers and food courts: In Sabah, it’s actually very awkward for a single lady to eat at a kopitiam. However, it’s the norm here in Singapore and I love it very much.
  2. Safety: I was walking in the middle of Singapore’s city center on Sunday night after 9:30pm. I realized that this is the only place which I could walk alone safely so late into the night.
  3. Convenient public transport: Singapore’s public transport is really developed and it’s quite cheap to travel within the country.
  4. Awesome libraries: The collection of books at Singapore’s library is so amazing that I haven’t touched my Kindle for several days.
  5. Friends: The best part about coming back to Singapore is meeting old friends.

Facebook postcard giveaway

I love Singapore postcards

To celebrate my return to Singapore, I am giving away postcards to 5 readers/Facebook followers of YQtravelling.com.

All you need to do is follow my Facebook page YQtravelling, leave a comment on my the post where the postcards appear telling me which is your favorite country to live in and why. Giveaway page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=760102210673961&set=a.502948253056026.134175.421644991186353&type=1

Giveaway closes on November 18, 2013, GMT+8 23:59. Afterwards, I’ll be selecting 5 random commenters to send each of them (that could be you!) a I <3 Singapore postcard from Singapore.

If you are living in Singapore, don’t worry. I can also send the postcards to you here or to someone abroad on your behalf.

What are you waiting for, head onto Facebook and leave a comment.

PS Sorry to all others who do not have Facebook, I’ll come up with something for you in the future.

4 thoughts on “With love from Singapore + postcard giveaway

  1. I know how you feeL about safety.. A few days ago I got Lost and had to waLk aLong Serangoon Road to Boon Keng station aLone, at midnight, and I feLt perfectLy safe. I couLdn’t imagine what wouLd happen to me if the same situation occurred in Jakarta..

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