Catching a cold and recovering in Santa Ana [YQrtw Day 122 Aug 10]

Location: Santa Ana, El Salvador

I woke up today with stuffy nose and phlegm. This is the second day in which I have such symptoms. I’ve caught a cold at almost the end of my trip.

I think it’s from the two times I’ve soaked in the little swimming pool. Even though the day is really hot, the water is cold and it takes a while to get used to.

Having a cold gives me a very good excuse to not explore Santa Ana. The sun, the heat and the racist cat calls are some things I do not enjoy but are thrown in bundles at me here in this little town.

At first I thought my symptoms were not as serious and that I would be alright after drinking litres of water. But when mom asked me on the phone (LINE is amazing for free calls) if I had headaches, I started feeling dizzing. (It could be that I didn’t have a real dinner and only two eggs for breakfast.)

I did a bit of work on the laptop in the public area and decided to nap. Sleep never came so off I went for lunch at a cafe recommended by the hostel. The cafe/restaurant was lovely and served snack-like meals instead of full meals. I think I’ll head here tomorrow for breakfast.

Chicken feet soup for the sick

I went shopping for something to cook since the hostel kitchen is too amazing to be left alone.

Hostal Casa Verde's awesome kitchen
Hostal Casa Verde’s awesome kitchen

I bought some chicken feet and neck, celery, tomato and celery. This will make good comfort food and they cost about US$3.50.

When I was cleaning my ingredients for the soup, I was horrified to find out that the heads of the chicken were still hanging on. Fortunately, I didn’t need a knife to tear off the head. (Someone call PETA!)

The chicken feet soup was a success. I like how Chinese soup is mostly about throwing everything you have into a pot. I had some soup and macaroni for my afternoon tea and more for dinner.

Chicken feet soup for the sick
Chicken feet soup for the sick

The rest of the day was spent more on the laptop and less on the hammock. [My newsletter is coming out tomorrow! Subscribe now, please.]

Hong Kong travel tips appreciated!

By the way, I’m going to Hong Kong in a few day’s time. I’m quite clueless about the city so I welcome your travel advice and tips for it. Thanks!

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