I hate street harassment/ To market for healthy fruit juice [YQrtw Day 99 Jul 17]

Location: Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa Plaza de Armas

This morning, I realized how different it is to cook eggs here in Arequipa compared to Singapore. Usually, it takes about 5 minutes of boiling water for the eggs to be the middle of soft and hard boiled eggs.

Here in Arequipa (2380 meters above sea level), things take a lot longer to cook.

My eggs turned out to be the consistency of Yakun’s 10% boiled eggs. It was gross. I had to boil the eggs for a longer time before they were soft boiled.

I love my eggs hard boiled though so I’ll need to figure out how long I need to cook them.

Street harassment: How men and women handle it differently

At my language school, we have two different teachers in the morning, each for 2 hours of lesson.

At the end of my classes, I asked the teachers how I should handle street harassment here in Arequipa. I’ve had a problem of random men (it’s always men) on the streets calling out pseudo Chinese such as, “Ching Chong.

I sometimes imagine saying to the , “Are you talking to me, then you’d better say it to my face. A–hole!” But the most I’ve done was this.

My teachers couldn’t help with this problem.

My male teacher did tell me to say something offensive but suggested that I ask my female teacher how to respond. Despite how angry I am, I would not use the word though.

My female teacher told me to ignore it and just continue on with my life.

How would you respond to racist street harassment?

Arequipa is beautiful almost all the times.

Extravagant cakes in Arequipa

Another trip to Mercado de San Camilo

A schoolmate, T, recommended the super healthy juice made out of soursop. So I went to the market with N and we both had a glass of the powerful juice.

Super healthy juice at San Camilo Market

I later discover that soursop is in the same family as custard apples. Custard apples were part of my childhood, glad to see its family here in Peru.

Fruit vendor at Mercado San Camilo

San Camilo's shrine at the market with his name

At San Camilo

2 thoughts on “I hate street harassment/ To market for healthy fruit juice [YQrtw Day 99 Jul 17]

  1. Greetings from Sg. Sorry to hear about the racist street harassment :( No response is generally recommended to women, because of the fear of retaliation.
    I imagine I would like to call out a greeting in response and go on my way, e.g “Good morning to you too!”

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