Watching Monster University in Arequipa [YQrtw Day 92 Jul 10]

Location: Arequipa, Peru

While I love taking Spanish lessons, I cannot help but feel that time learning Spanish in schools is sucking time I can use for sightseeing.

My posts on school days lack excitement because the most exciting thing in the day is getting answers right when I blindly guess my answers.

Today, I learned past tense and imperative verbs in class. The conjugation of past tense drove me crazy and I felt that my brain would blow up.

I planned to watch Man of Steel today after class. However, the class ended quite late (to make up for yesterday’s lunch) and I couldn’t find the right minibus to board.

I reached the cinema too late for the Superman movie. The ticket guy said I was more than 30 minutes late so I cannot enter the cinema. In the end, I chose to watch Monster University instead.

I was about 10 minutes late for Monster University but thankfully Pixar likes putting cute short films in the beginning so I didn’t miss the actual movie.

Movie ticket in Arequipa, Peru
Movie ticket in Arequipa, Peru

As I watched the movie, I was delighted to find that they actually change the language of the opening credits and even the words inside the movie into Spanish. I’ve never seen that in other languages.

I didn’t understand 98 percent of the conversation but the movie was just fine without fully understanding the language. (I miss Boo a lot though.)

The rest of the evening was uneventful. I had a dinner of chicken and fries and headed back to the house for homework and Internet.

By the way, I have two videos of alapacas today. I can’t embed them here so check out at the brown alpaca on Instagram and the white alpaca on Vine.

Alpaca in Arequipa
Alpaca in Arequipa

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