It’s steak time! [YQrtw Day 67 Jun 13]

I wrote this before I made my steak. I don’t have anywhere to put it so here it is in Page 2, a trick I recently learnt.

I cannot believe I’ve reached Thursday. Time seemed to fly really fast but I do not have much to tell you.

The routine these days seem to be:

  • Wake up and breakfast
  • Go to class
  • Lunch on empanada
  • After school activity
  • Back to hostel for computer time
  • Sleep

There must still be tourist attractions that I’ve not been to in Buenos Aires. But I do not feel like doing research on them. I feel more content staying in the hostel and pretend to study.

Today’s routine was broken because I needed to pay my US visa fees ASAP. After morning class, I head off to Citibank. It wasn’t as easy to find the bank since I took the wrong road.

Using the sheet of paper about my visa fee, a few Spanish phrases, I was directed Basement II where there was a queue. On our left was a screen, blocking the customers from looking at the counters.

When it was my turn, it didn’t take a lot of talking. My cashier took a look at my paper and did the rest.

I tried to get back to the school on time for the afternoon conversation class. I was already half an hour late when I got out of the bank. But I got even more lost when I tried to leave from what I thought was the right way.

I ended up taking the subway, making two transfers, to get back to the school. The class was half over by the time I arrived and I only got to laugh at a few jokes before it was all over.

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