Start of Caturday: Mau in Giza, Egypt

I’ve never owned a cat because my mom hates the smell of cat poo so I like looking at pictures of cats on the internet.

Since travelling, I’ve taken pictures of the few cats I’ve seen. I never pet them because the doctor warned that even cats can spread rabies.

To celebrate the greatness of cats (and the weekends), I will start a segment called Caturday. This is in honor of the original Caturday.

Restaurant cat in Egypt
Restaurant cat in Egypt dislike your finger on its crown.

The first entry is a mau (Egyptian for cat) from a restaurant in Giza where my tour group had lunch.

The cat was actually cute and not as grouchy as he is in the photo.

Read more about Egypt:

5 thoughts on “Start of Caturday: Mau in Giza, Egypt

  1. It was inevitable, huh? :D

    Greetings from Sg! M and I went to the ACM today for Museum Day. We received cute I <3 Museums stickers, badges and lanyards. Pity there weren't more people visiting. It was rather quiet.

    1. Indeed! I’ve taken so many photos of cats that I’m probably prepared for two months of Caturday. Meow!

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