Packing for a round-the-world trip

I’m in Singapore for a night before I head out into the world. My bags are packed and my mind is calm…as if before a storm.

The night before my flight to Singapore, my mom made me pack my bag. (I wanted to pack it the next morning.) Thank goodness I did because there were a lot of things.

As I packed, I felt depressed by the size of my luggage. It was a lot more than what I had envisioned. I had wanted a feather light backpack with everything I need. Even My travel idol Nellie Bly only had a small carry on.

For this 4-month trip, I have packed a lot more than I would for a 10-day trip in Southeast Asia. For Indonesia, I wore a dress and brought along another two for my trip to Yogyakarta and Solo.

I included more things this time because I anticipate a lot more activities: running on treadmills on a cruise, swimming, sleeping on grimy beds.

Clothes for a 4-moth RTW

Most of my clothes:

Clothes for a 4-month round the world
Clothes for a 4-month round the world

It includes: 3 tops, 1 pair of pants, 1 long skirt, 2 dresses, 3 camisoles, 1 t-shirt, 1 pajama pants, 1 cardigan and etc.

I also have a sleeping sack made out of two pieces of sarong sewn together. I have another sarong as my blanket, towel, curtain, skirt…

IT stuff for a RTW

Surprisingly, my chargers and friends turned out to be more heavy than my computer and phone combined.

In the end, my bag turned into a bursting-at-the-seams backpack with a heavy accompanying handbag and laptop. The total package is about 15kg. Tomorrow, I will need to convince Tiger Airways that my backpack is as light as a carry on.

Luckily, D helped me repack my bag when I got to Singapore. After folding–instead of rolling–my clothes, a miraculous amount of space appeared. Like magic!

Now I will be able to bring only one backpack and my messenger bag. Less things to carry means less chance of things getting lost.

Well, that backpack will be with me this whole trip. Let’s all hope that it will not give up and burst halfway around the world.

Until next time, safe travels.

5 thoughts on “Packing for a round-the-world trip

  1. Less is more. Good job. I thought I needed to increase my back pack size from 38L to 45L and it has worked out ok, except for my back. HAHAHA. I did the same thing you did and posted about this with pictures, etc. You will appreciate bringing less stuff later on in your trip. Good luck and again, great post!

  2. Most of your devices are USB powered. You’ll only need one charging plug. Also, most (except for Apple products) have a micro USB at the other end. So you can dump not only the plugs, but the cords too.

  3. Hi! I stumbled upon your list as I was googling for a suitable backpack for my own trip. I’m surprised that folding created more room than rolling for you, why do you this that is? Are your clothes in packing cubes? I’ve always rolled mine thinking that’s suppose to compress better! Thanks for the tips~

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