Win travel vouchers writing restaurant reviews

Image blatantly ripped from OpenRice

The Pair that Writes Together Wins Together
Restaurant review site OpenRice has a competition which you can win up a maximum of S$2,000 travel vouchers.

All you need to do is team up with someone and start writing restaurant reviews. Each review only needs to be over 300 characters (seriously) and has a photo. The team with most reviews win.

When you are writing your review, remember to tick that you want the review to be entered into the contest. It’s opt-in, sneaky!

Unfortunately, the leading team has 61 reviews now. Fortunately, the quality of their content is not very brilliant.

I’ve teamed up with my housemate because we both love to eat. Watch out for the Pointy Toed Hippo (yes, that’s our team name).

Even if you do not win the contest, they give you points for good reviews. Points can be used to redeem in real life stuff. I’m aiming for vouchers.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

[Update Jan 15, 2013: Hello readers from Hong Kong! What’s up?]

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