Falling in love…with San Francisco

I was planning to go with “I left my heart in San Francisco” as my blog title so it would mirror my San Jose entry’s song title as blog title. In the end, I decided to skip the cheesiness since it’s too predictable to use that.

Anyway, I’ve fallen in love with San Francisco. Although it’s blasphemous to say this, but, yes, I’ve fallen in love with the City more than I did Paris.

Before the trip, all I ever heard from people was how much they loved San Francisco. Not a bad word was said.

It was annoying and also scary. How is it possible for everyone to like a place so much?

So I decided I would buck the trend and not like SF. I came to the place expecting to dislike the weather, the buildings, the smell of the subway (Paris’s Metro smells like piss), the touristy Golden Gate Bridge. Basically, I was being a psycho.

But in the end, I didn’t. I fell in love instead.

Beautiful things

Church of Scientology

At first glance, the City feels like any other city. The buildings are not as nice as Europe where the old buildings are amazingly gorgeous.

But San Francisco grew on me.

At every other corner, there’s something beautiful. Mostly the sea, sometimes bushes of flowers (lavender grow aplenty here), murals, the sky, metrosexual men and cute babies.

The museums and exhibits are great too. I never thought I would like the Aquarium but the beautiful jellyfish made me stop and stare.

Beautiful jellyfish at Aquarium at the Bay

Yelp is heavily promoted by businesses and that’s what I used to help me find good food. I had lots of great food–not the stuff I see on American shows but good stuff.

The place is also walking friendly (if you don’t think about the hills). I got lost about once everyday but with each turn, I would get closer to my destination so it was alright.

Checking the To-Do list

I went back to my pre-US blog post and found the list of To-Do’s. Here’s a check to see how many I’ve conquered.

eat burgers at McDonald’s
+I ate In N’ Out burgers, also had breakfast at McD’s. That counts, right?

eat hotdogs from hot dog stands
+I had a Zog’s Dog.

–run for cover while super aliens destroy the city
+Hmm… Planet of Apes didn’t happen.

drink soda (what flavor is it?)
+Had a watermelon-flavored soda.

–buy Old Spice
+As I tweeted: bought @OldSpice shower gel to bring back to Singapore. Need to find a man to make him smell like “the man your man could smell like”

–watch Mad Men on TV
+My hotel didn’t have AMC. :(

watch Game of Thrones on TV
+I only caught bits of it at the hotel. The hostel is TV-less.

–drink lemonade
+I didn’t!!! OH NO

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