It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!

I grew up on the tropical island of Borneo.

Correction, 2 percent of the tropical island of Borneo–right next to Lok-Kawi Beach and where I can see the magnificent Mt Kinabalu even when it’s cloudy.

I guess that’s where my nonchalance for nature comes from. Too much of a good thing makes it boring. I’ve always thought of myself as a city girl. Someone who prefers concrete jungles to rainforests, night lights to the stars (actually stars are really nice).

Since moving to Singapore for my studies and work, I began missing all the nature stuff that I thought I didn’t like. Whenever I go home for vacation, I would stare at the blue South China Sea while my parents drive.

During high tide, the sea would look like a piece of glittering blue-green cloth. White waves that crash against the shore looked like white lace. It is the most beautiful thing.

On the second last day of my trip back home for the New Year, I took the car for a spin and stopped by sea.


//Unfortunately, the sea was a bit yellow that day.

The sea was not too pretty but the sky was beautiful. White clouds that look so fluffy I’m gonna die!


This post is part of BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel project. Day 10: Earth.



The rest of my posts for the project can be found here.

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