July 28, 2008 Monday almost nothing day

Today almost turned into one of those nothing-much-happened-I-might-as-well-skip-this-blog-entry day.

Rode the bike to the station. Waited for the 8:31am train to go before walking up onto the station.

Oh, let me explain a bit about my Japanese classes. We have different teachers on different days. Don’t know why they made it that way but it makes grammar learning a bit more difficult. One of the teacher inspires some sort of fear in me. ha ha. she’ll be teaching tomorrow.

Today’s class was all about grammar. I suspect the teacher’s watch a bit slower than others’ no wonder we always finish late.

The walk to the canteen was very very sunny. Thank goodness I have my new sunblock.

Ate with Naomi only. Wawa didn’t come to school because she wants a day of rest. Sakiko is studying for her exam.

Pop culture class today was about Japan movies. Saw versions of The Ring. The American was scary as Sadako even know ninja skills of space shifting. But the American Sadako’s face looked hilarious. Ha ha ha

After class, went to 007 with YT, C and Z. It’s a shop selling otaku stuff, like figures, DVDs, posters and comics. Saw a 10-book set of Ouran High selling at 2,300 yen. Oh! If only it were 2,000 yen for ten. If only they sold each book at 100 yen. I want to buy~~~

Went back to the library for blog updating after going to 007. Then went back at 6:00pm. The train was at 6:14pm, and reached my station at 6:40pm. Realised on the train that I had not taken a single photo this day.

I figured it was still early so I cycled a bit further from where I have been to. Passed by a pastry shop. D would go in, but I feel so paiseh to go and not buy anything.


Reached one of the drugstores that I have been wanting to go. I had nothing to buy but just wanted to go in for a look.


It was a huge shop selling everything! But their cosmetics section was really big and they had every lovely shade of colour. Good thing I’m not that good at make-uping or I would be buying lots of them.

Took some lovely brochures back.


I didn’t want to leave the shop without buying anything so in the end I got a box of bath soaking stuff. 20 for 399 yen. It has lavendar, rosemary, chamomile and orange. I tried lavendar at bath time and the water was a lovely purple.

More drugstores on the way back



Tried taking a photo of myself while cycling. Dangerous!


Got back at 7:10pm. Okaasan gave me an orange jelly which was very cool (as in temperature) Ate grilled fish, maguro sashimi and red miso soup.

The Japanese eat whole fish by eating first the upper part, then taking out the bones using chop sticks and eatingthe back part. I managed to remove the bones nicely. Yeah, one point for me.

I had sms-ed mom online when I was using the comp. She called at 9:30pm and we talked for 12 minutes. She reminded me that I only have 2 weeks in homestay. I shall miss my holidays.

Oh, today was the start of module bidding. I had absolutely no idea until YT mentioned it. Yikes! There was no module class for the level 4000 modules, but all of them sound really really boring. I’m yawning already. Is it too late for me to change major?!

Bath time was lavendar bath soaking thing. It’s a round shaped individually foiled thingy which you put into the bath water. Then it would bubble.

Having purple water is more interesting than plain water.

Mag I bought yesterday. <non-no> it’s actually quite good, and cheaper than my usual <MINA>. Large hairtying thingies are in vogue now. cool, something retro.


On the cover is Miho, who inspired me to get my bob back then.

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