July 2, 2008

Prescript– Divided yen by 30 to get Malaysian RInggit. Then divide it by 2.4 to get Singapore Dollar. ^__^

Today’s breakfast was toast with omelette. The omelette is cooked with milk so it’s sweetish. Oishii!

I went to school early even though I did not have class in the morning. I wanted to see if I can make it to school on time if I leave around that time.

I went to a phone booth near the train station and tried calling home with the phone card. A very loud noise beeped but I didn’t hang up and was rewarded with a lady’s voice telling me I have 1,150 yen in my card.

I dialed the home number and was told my phone call is 17 minutes. That’s really expensive, RM30 for 17 minutes. Gulp.

Mom picked up the phone and I chat with dad too. I keep forgeting that it’s an hour earlier here. I didn’t call long but when I hung up and check my calling card balance, it wa only 400-something yen. Maybe I should call less.

The train was not packed as usual. I reached the station a little before class time. I read the posters and found one of Maou, with Ikuta Toma looking seriously serious. Not that good looking with that sour face, my dear.


I took another road to see if I can reach the school. I did and it seemed shorter than the roads I took the last few times. (Oh, it’s only two times? It seems a lot longer than that.)

I found Oguri Shun on a vending machine.


And guess who else!


The last person I expect — Meg Ryan!! Walau. Dare you drink Meg Ryan endorsed canned coffee?

I also found 500ml cokes. Cool, it’s around RM 3.70. Expensive but cool!


I went to the Japan Post ATM to try my luck. And my luck was there! I successfully withdrew my school fees. I went to pay immediately because I’m afraid of being robbed.

Then I went to the library to use the internet. My luck ran out and I got a Windows 2000 computer. It was so so so sloooooow. And quite stupid too. Updated my blog and found myself really really bored…

After that, I went with a bunch of people to lunch. I choose another line today and didn’t know how to choose so I ended up with a fish and omelette. ha ha.

Then it was class at another building. I heard that the buildings were sinking. ha ha. I’m so lazy to study. ahhh… what should I do??

After class, we went downtown. The bus ride was 220yen, which is RM7.00++ So expensive!

In town, we visited UNIQLO. They were selling yukata. The cheapest is last season’s (I’ve seen it on someone’s blog) and was only 1,990 yen. It’s a very red yukata with lighter flowers and a yellow obi. Others were selling at 4,900 yen.

Should I get the really cheap one? The others told me that probably a lot of people have bought it from there and it’ll be really embarassing if two people have the same outfit. Advice please!.

Then Som and Wawa and I went off on our own. They’re fans of ARASHI and W was very excited to see this billboard.


We had an embarrasing time trying to get a picture of her in front of the board without attracting too much attention (which we did) Even the policeman stood near to us. Ahh!

Oh!!! I’ve finally seen Japan’s beauty products store. I tell you, they are HUGE! Its size is about a shop’s size and stacked with so so many stuff! I was too excited to see them that I didn’t take a photo. I shall next time.

In the end, I fullfilled two things on my wish list.


The toner, less than 1,000yen, it’s 980yen. Wow. I thought it would be expensive. from magazines I thought they were glass bottles but they’re actually in plastic. I tried the testers and found that its texture is like emulsion. I snapped one, very happily.


At another shop, I found KATE’s gel eyeliner. Snapped that up too. It’s 1,250yen which is less than the advertised 1,500yen. And after exchanging it’s only RM41 something. I thought it was cheaper in Taiwan, but in fact with Taiwan’s stronger rate, Japan is the cheapest.

But holy crap! it’s damn tiny.


I tried in on the back of my hand and it draws on well. Will use it before deciding whether to stock up.

I LOVE Japan!

Interesting thing in the library toilet. It sounds like really loud flushing if you press it. I beleive it’s to mask the sounds of you-know-what. Perhaps it’s less embarassing than you-know-what. What do you think?



Things to do:
-Buy yukata
-Buy rechargeable batteries

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