I will miss my Ubuntu

I tried out Ubuntu 6.01 during February while I was home for the Chinese New Year holidays. It was exciting seeing a brand new desktop but I couldn’t access my other MS folders so it was useless. Plus, I had to catch a plane an hour later. So it didn’t really worked out.

When I was going to get a new laptop, I had considered getting a Dell with Ubuntu. Apart from satisfying the inner show off in me, I wouldn’t have to use Vista (which was having a bad reputation). But, in the end, the local Dell didn’t carry Ubuntu laptops so I got a cheap Acer during the computer fair.

I wanted to get a decided to give Ubuntu another try when I came back in May. I burned the latest version of it and the CDs didn’t work. It turned out to be my fault as I didn’t burn it in the right format.

I’ve been using Ubuntu for about a month and a half. I like it a lot more than Windows because my downloads are a lot faster with Ubuntu and bugs and virus won’t infect my system.

Come to think of it, the only reason I want to use Ubuntu is because there’ll be very little virus if I download using bittorent. Ha ha. Perhaps, in the end, it’s actually I’ll miss my bt downloads


Nice interface. The buttons on the top and right bars are shortcuts. Ubuntu has lots of free games loaded. I like blackjack


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