Visa Application

Since 1993,
Malaysian nationals are strongly encouraged to obtain a visa prior to entering
into Japan.

The visa-exemption arrangements between Japan and Malaysia
which stating that Malaysian nationals who meet relevant conditions can enter
into Japan without a visa for a period of stay not exceeding three (3)
consecutive months are still effective.

However, in order to cope with
the large number of Malaysians who overstay in Japan and work illegally, the
Government of Japan decided in June 1993 to encourage Malaysian nationals to
obtain visa prior to entry into Japan in order to ensure smooth entry.

Makes you wave your fist, doesn’t it?

Just received the visa application stuff from Kyushu University today. Bad luck that Monday is a public holiday and I can’t go to the Japanese consulate to ask about visa application.

I want to backpack after the summer programme but the university says that I’ll be staying till Aug 9. I want to stay for travelling!!

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