I received good news from a friend K who’s in Australia now. She says that her sister who’s studying in Tokyo is able to room me if I’m going there! Yipee!

I have emailed the travel agent to ask if I can get an open jaw tix which goes to Tokyo and return from Fukuoka. Hope it’s positive news (somehow Daimaou is on vacation)

I’m checking out the cheap domestic airlines. The cheapest one discounted way ticket is only 10,000 yen, abuot half the price of the train!!! Just checked, the cheapest is around 14,000yen. Dang cheap!!!

All my fingers are crossed for the trip to Tokyo. What can I do in Tokyo except gawk?! How many days can that take? My plan is to fly to Tokyo on June 25 and fly to Fukuoka on 28/29. I hope it’s 29 coz I’ll get to see the weekend street fashion.

Please Ceiling Cat give me some hint.

(just looking at the air ticket booking page is making me excited!!!)

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