I just went to STA Travel at science co-op to ask about plane tickets. The summer programme is too long to buy a one month return ticket, so I have to settle for 60 days or 45 days (if there are any)

Air tix are expensive, even from my own online research. Vietnam Airlines flies to Tokyo for $860 (without tax) but I need to be in Fukuoka. Train from Tokyo to Fukuoka is 21210yen (about RM700) My plane back to Sabah is waay cheaper than that, in fact it’s only RM110!

STA lady said I can get Japan Airlines tix at $860 if I have a student visa, and I can get open jaw tix at extra $150, subject to approval. Very good price!

But here’s Catch-22, I need plane reservations to get the visa. And I need the visa to get cheaper plane tix. What can I do???!!!

-I’ve requested for storage at Raffles Hall for the holidays! Yipee. Did that last minute last semester and I didn’t get the storage space.


But thanks to D and M, I have space at their place.

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