1st post: why another blog

It’s exams week but I can’t help but create a blog to just blab about my future travel. The username is inspired by Ms Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, only mine doesn’t sound as glam.


I’m going to Japan! Yipee!


Lots of stuff to do before it can become 100% true.

  1. Apply for visa (complete below before visa possible)
  • Get proof of student
  • Reserve plane tix
  • Photocopy bank pass book
  • Get letter of sponsorship – in progress
  • See if can map modules
  • Read all I can about travelling in Japan
  • Plan for pre-Fukuoka travels:
    • Tokyo – I love big cities! 
    • Kyoto – I love old cities!
    • Kobe – I love to eat (beef, in this case)!
    • And everywhere between Tokyo and Fukuoka!
  • Ask nicely for people to let me stay at their place
  • It’s not so bad, after listing all the to-dos out

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