Is budget vacation a drain on productivity?

Ambling preamble

I usually don’t read the papers because the news is at least one day stale. If I do read the papers, I’d flip straight to comics and then my horoscope.

But this Monday was a different day. I was enjoying a takeaway of the epic KFC Double Down at the office table while I flipped through the papers. I found a a column titled: “Budget vacation a drain on productivity” and stopped eating.

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In case SPH pulls a well…SPH, here’s the full post that’s not be behind a paywall. Woot! (Disclosure: I wrote the article in the first link at my day job.)

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See a larger than life Nyan Cat in Singapore

nyan nyan nyan

The guys in our office have put up a post-it version of the rainbow pooping, space flying nyan cat. You can see it if you are in Singapore.

From CNET Asia’s Facebook page:

Meet our new art installation. We spent last evening putting this up. If you’re in Singapore, you should be able to see it from Orchard Central. Take the second outdoor long lift from the fourth floor and look to your right. :)