Bangkok’s Grand Palace is the Versailles of the East

I made a travel plan for Bangkok because I did not want to commit the same mistake as I did in Kuching. My plans for the Sunday was to see the Grand Palace and then walk north to the museum and then to Khaoshan Road. It was a relaxed plan since I didn’t want to stress myself. My friend N told me that it would … Continue reading Bangkok’s Grand Palace is the Versailles of the East

Sights (no sound) of Muar, Johor

D and I visited Muar during the Christmas weekend. It was our first trip which we have made no real plans: no pre-booked bus tickets, hotel nor list of places to visit. We mainly feasted on Chinese food (another blog post) and walked around the town going into random boutiques (they have A LOT of random boutiques). See the full gallery on Posterous Full account … Continue reading Sights (no sound) of Muar, Johor

Travel tip: Cheap prepaid phone in Malaysia (Digi)

[UPDATE OCT 1 2012: Digi’s plans have been changed a lot since I wrote the post so I’m including the new price plans]

Usually before a trip, I try looking for a cheap prepaid phone plan or SIM. If you are like me, you probably think you cannot live without 24-7 Internet connection even when on the road. (That’s not quite true as I somehow managed to survive on hotel Wi-Fi and generousity of the Apple Store in Japan.)

Here’s what I use when I go back to Malaysia, either for a day trip to Johor or a week back home, I switch back to my old Malaysian SIM card. It just makes more sense.

I’ve been with Digi for many years not because it’s the cheapest prepaid around but because my whole family uses it so we get cheaper calls, SMS.

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