How to cut pineapple and what they don’t tell you

I was thinking of buying a pineapple while out shopping today. I’ve never cut a pineapple before so I had to search for articles on how to cut pineapples.

The instructions seem simple enough so I bought one. After the shopping and cutting up of the fruit, I deduced that cutting pineapple is not as easy as people make it to be. Here’s why:

Instructions: Pick a pineapple that is yellow with green leaves.

What they don’t tell you: The yellow pineapples are hidden under the green ones so you have to battle through their prickly leaves to get the one you desire.

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How to peel a mangosteen

how to peel a mangosteen

it’s Food Friday here on YQtravelling. Instead of meals, I’m sharing a how-to video with you.

I had the chance to eat several mangosteens while I was in Johor. I thought it would be interesting to show you how to peel a mangosteen.

How to peel a mangosteen

Guide to peeling a mangosteen

The fruitseller told me to pick the fruits that had a softer exterior. A mangosteen’s flesh is covered by an armor of fiber which is coated by a dark purple skin.

Take a mangosteen, press on the fruit so the skin breaks.

Then, carefully break off the shell so your fruit doesn’t fall out.

Enjoy the while flesh and be careful of its seed.

More guides to peeling tropical fruits

How to peel a mango

My mom was peeling mangos one day and I thought it would make a good blog post since it’s one of the best tropical fruits around.

Wikipedia told me that the “hedgehog” style is a common way to eat mangoes. But I can assure you, none of the people I know actually eat it that way. (Trust us, we have mango trees in our yards.)

I’m going to teach you another way of peeling a mango. Using this method, you are able to eat two different parts of the mango: the juicy flesh and the fibrous flesh around the stone.

You will need:

    Ripe mangoes
    A knife
    A spoon
    Bowl for peeled mango

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